Team Running for Red Beard

We run in honor of my brother-in-law, Chris Fine, who passed away on March 19 of this year. He had glioblastoma but was able to complete the inaugural Blazer Bolt with us last year. He was a devoted husband, father, son, brother, and teacher. He taught 5th grade at Phillips Academy in Birmingham and was able to teach all the way until Feb. 6 or so. We miss him dearly and will continue to run Blazer Bolt in his honor every year.

Team Gretchen’s Gazelles

We run in memory of the beautiful and graceful, Gretchen Anderson. They have joined together to complete this 5K as a symbol of love, dedication, and a lifelong commitment to raising money and awareness towards brain tumor research. Gretchen was an amazing wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend whose memory will live on through her oldest daughter, Mylee’s maternal and caring demeanor and through her youngest daughter, Sophia’s fun and carefree attitude.

Team Baker Donelson

This team was formed in honor of our partner, David Maron and his sister, and race founder, Dr. Rhodemarie Maron, and the work to fund research and development for brain cancer at UAB and at Children’s of Alabama. Over 40 of us are running today because we understand that a healthy lifestyle helps to reduce our risk of developing cancer in the future, and we will make it to the finish line due to Baker Donelson’s commitment to creating opportunities for its employees to improve their lives and in honor of all those throughout our community who are battling brain cancer.

Team Jeff Skinner Brain Cancer Warriors

Jeff was diagnosed with stage 4 GBM with 48 weeks to live in 2008. He is now cancer free and full of life, we are very blessed!

Team Lindsey’s Legacy

This team was formed to honor my daughter Lindsey who passed away after a 16 month battle with a brain tumor, specifically DIPG. She was 6 1/2 years old when she was taken from us and we miss her terribly and think of her everyday.

Team Riverchase Day School Divas

The divas are running and walking in memory of our former Director Laurie Shotnik and a child” fro RUMC Noah Crowe who both lost their battle with Brain Cancer, but also in honor of Charlie Jean Reeder who is a student at our preschool and beat the disease!!!

Team The A Team

We run in honor of Austin Brown age 33 a wonderful husband and father of two little ones. Slaton and Mary Austin. He has not let cancer slow him down. He owns his own construction company and was back at work the day after he got home from the hospital – Our family helped start the Neuro-Oncology Research Acceleration Fund which raises awareness and funds that lead to new treatments and a cure for brain cancer.

Team Pooie

So named for the nickname the grandkids of Patti Summerford have given her. Pati is a patient of Dr. Nabors, Dr Markert and Dr Fiveash. Diagnosed in April of this year with a glioblastoma and has undergone surgery radiation and several rounds of chemo and just had a clear scan a few weeks ago!

Team Grey Matters (Jeff Skinner)

We would like to recognize that we are celebrating seven years with my brother after his diagnosis.

Team Tucker

this team runs in honor and memory of Donnie Tucker

Team Hjelmeland

The Hjelmeland laboratory is dedicated to finding new ways to treat glioblastoma and is running in honor of all the brain tumor patients and their family members who participate in research to help find a cure.

Team Brian Lee

In honor and memory of Brian Lee – he would want to thank Rhodemarie for organizing this event-it would make him very happy to know everyone here showed up to support those with brain cancer and to bring awareness to brain cancer. And a huge thank you and shout out to all of the runners on team Brian Lee and all of the runners wearing green today!

Team Lucy and Ruby’s Brainy Day

We run in memory of Lucy and Ruby’s dad, Scott Harris. We host Lucy and Ruby’s Brainy Day raising money for Wheeling For Hope which benefits adult and pediatric brain tumor research. Our mission is to increase awareness of brain cancer , raise funds for brain tumor research and provide hope to all families dealing with brain cancer.

Team Townsend

Running in support of Orlean

Team Black People Run Bike and Swim

Team Brain Busters

Team Counselors on the Run

Team Elaine Clinton

Team Joe’s Minions

Team Michelle’s Conquerors

Team Dixon Birminham

Team Whitney

Team Birmingham Dixon

Team Bradford

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